Squash Radio is back with another episode! We have a really special guest this week. Alex Gough, former world #5 and current CEO of the PSA World Tour, joins Conor to discuss all things PSA!

Alex begins the podcast by discussing how he became involved with the PSA, what it was like when he first started in 2008, and how it has constantly evolved and grown since then. He discusses previous tournaments, the evolution of the personnel, new projects, prize money, events, and so on. The two talk about the PSA’s latest partnership with Infront and what it means for the organization and the sport.

Alex talks about some of the things he’s most excited about for the PSA’s future, as well as himself, and how he thinks some of these goals will be achieved. He sees a lot of potential in changing the way events are organized, and he illustrates how small adjustments may attract a whole new audience.

Conor switches the discussion about Alex’s squash playing days, recalling his time playing for Wales and helping them to a record World #2 finish as Finalists in the 1999 Men’s World Team Championships. Egypt won their first Team Championship that year, establishing their domination on the international stage.

With so much going on in the sport, Alex Gough is the perfect person to listen to for some behind-the-scenes information!

NOTE:  The quick fire segment will be aired as a separate episode so stay tuned!


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