Welcome back to another episode of Squash Radio! This week’s guest is former world number 3 player, squash commentator, and cancer survivor: Simon Parke.

The conversation starts off with Parke explaining how he got into squash commentary, and how it related to his squash game. He explains the mental challenges of squash, and reminisces on past games and tournaments.

Conor changes the subject a bit when he asks Parke to expand a bit on his past health struggles, specifically his diagnosis and battle with testicular cancer in 1995. Parke explains how it changed his life, and specifically squash career. The guys discuss their shared experience of appendicitis.

They continue on to discuss role models in Parke’s life and how his father encouraged his squash endeavors. This leads to a conversation about Parke’s own experience with fatherhood.

The episode ends with the classic “quick fire” section!

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