Hey there squash fans! This week’s guest is Will Hopton, the Executive Director of Squash on Fire in DC, former World #2 Rackets player & Doubles Champion as well as a lover of all racket sports!


The episode starts off with a conversation about Will’s background in Rackets. He explains how he got into the sport, his experience with coaching, and his passion for other racket sports.

The topic changes when Conor asks about Will’s current passion, Squash on Fire, in DC. Will explains a bit about what exactly Squash on Fire is, the walk-in pay to play concept, how they’re trying to make it more of a social club (not just for squash), the European feel to it, and challenges he’s faced. He explains a bit about how pricing works and how accessible it is to everyone.


Conor and Will discuss the upcoming event that will be held at Squash on Fire, the Squash on Fire Open, which will take place from February 16th until the 20th. The two talk about who they’re most excited to see play.


Will finishes off the episode by talking about what he’s most excited about for the future of Squash on Fire.


Be sure to tune in to the event on Squash TV if you aren’t able to join in person!


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