Welcome back, squash fans! This week’s guest is most well known for being the Executive Director of Portland Community Squash in Maine: Barrett Takesian. Barrett is the master of building community, which is definitely a theme throughout this episode!


The episode begins with an introduction of a new video project he’s been working on, in which he’s put his business model for growing squash programs, along with other programs, into a three-part model. He explains how he helped grow Portland Community Squash from the ground up, what worked and what didn’t, and how he can help others do the same.


Conor asks about some of the trials and tribulations Barrett went through when first starting off, and Barrett goes into some detail about different roadblocks and how he overcame them. Once it got off the ground, however, Portland Community Squash has only grown and currently has 156 members involved in the programs.


Barrett then talks about what elements of the program he finds most rewarding, and sheds light on how he’s watched various students and players transform in such positive ways. This leads into the topic of dividedness, along with diversity across our country, and how Portland Community Squash is trying to combat the divide, and encourage the diverse, especially through exercises he describes as “iceberg talks”.


Before the quickfire section begins, Conor asks what Barrett’s vision is for the future, and the two discuss all of the exciting plans ahead, especially for community centers across the country. The conversation ends with the classic quickfire section, with discussions about the new James Bond movie, and potential Ted Talks.


Be sure to tune into an episode filled with conversations about community, diversity, and growth!




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