This week’s guest is Danielle Maur, former National Director of Racquet Sports at Life Time Fitness, CEO & Co-founder of Global Squash, and named on the list of the top 50 most influential people in the sport of squash by Squash Magazine.

The episode begins with Danielle discussing her time at Life Time Fitness, from how she helped it grow, to her role in the education of the club, to how she advocated for squash courts to be part of fitness clubs. She continues on to discuss how important community and friendships are in the game of squash, and how building squash communities at fitness clubs could help the sport to grow, especially in regards to gyms. She brings up points on why it isn’t as simple as just putting a squash court in every gym and hoping players come – there’s a fine balance between the community, utilizing space in the best way possible, and how finances come into all of it.


The conversation continues to a comparison of racquet sports, especially in a sports club setting. Of course, all are similar in a lot of ways, but Danielle brings up how, for example, tennis brings in a different crowd than squash, including revenue, engagement, and



The dialog takes a slight shift when Conor brings up the topic of both Danielle and her husband Andre’s past health scares. Danielle discusses her experience with burn out, trying to keep everyone happy, and eventually suffering a stroke and in turn, falling into coma. She’s passionate about how people can recover from trauma, especially through mental determination, and gives advice on what has helped her.


The episode wraps up with Danielle discussing her newest endeavor with her husband, Squash 3.0, which is an online course for squash coaches to revamp their teaching styles, and live up to their highest potential. Find more information on Danielle’s Facebook page –

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