In this episode of Squash Radio (SqR), Conor sits down with Anderson Good, the former Head Men’s and Women’s Squash Coach at George Washington University (GW).

Anderson has the distinction of being one of the youngest Head Coach of a Division 1 program in college squash history.  He took over the reins of the GW program from the talented Wendy Lawrence.

The GW program made headlines in the Squash world during Covid-19, when the Athletic Department decided to cut Squash along with several other sports.  Anderson shares what it was like to try to navigate the waters before the official news of being cut, some of the teams’ successes, how he had to break the news of the program’s future to his players and his steps in figuring out what came next for him.

Anderson moves on to discuss some of his personal endeavors, such as his role in creating the Mid Atlantic Squash Conference (MASC), which is a conference made for young varsity student squash players to get together that aren’t typically affiliated with one another and wouldn’t have a way to compete otherwise. This helps students get in touch with the right coaches and can help with college admissions.

Midway through the episode, the conversation pivots to a discussion about another one of Anderson’s passions, which is legal sports gambling. He talks about the politics of sports gambling, the potential economic benefits, how quickly the politics and legislation are changing, and answers some of Conor’s questions on the subject.

Towards the end of the episode, Anderson gives advice to prospective college students and parents of students on how to handle the recruiting process. The episode wraps up with some of Conor’s classic “quick fire” questions. Be sure to tune in to hear about Anderson’s perseverance through navigating a college squash team amidst a global pandemic, to learn a bit of legal sports gambling, and to listen to his advice to young squash players!



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