Today, Squash Radio (SQR) has another one of our youngest guests and recent Yale University graduate, Spencer Lovejoy, calling in from Connecticut!

Spencer has just cracked the top 100 on the professional tour, held his spot at number one all four years at Yale.  Dave Talbot recent shared on Squash Radio that Spencer is one of the Top 3 players he Coaches during his four decade career.  Spencer has stayed on top of his game since graduation, playing Pro events even during the challenging Covid restricted Tour calendar.


In this episode, Spencer talks about his goals for squash and the steps he’s taking to reach them, that fine line between determination and self-doubt, the importance of recovery, how he keeps the right mindset to stay in the game, and more. Towards the end of the interview we ask Spencer some of our favorite non-squash related questions to get a better understanding of who he is outside of his love of the game.


Listen to Spencer as he opens up about the sport, what really excites him, and what motivated him to stay in the game.


Key Takeaways:

-His experience playing college squash and then continuing on at a professional level, and his decision to go to college rather than going straight on tour

-His goals (past and future) and how he sets them

-The moment he decided to go on professional tour and the athletes who inspired his decision

-How he balanced playing squash and having a social life in college

-His internal monologue on balancing doubt with determination

-His ways of staying in the moment and finding his “flow state”

-The importance of recovery for him, and his opinions on wearables

-What he loves about squash, and what he wishes to improve

-His parting wisdom to junior squash players

-His favorite documentary, recommended books and podcasts

-What excites him and his sources of joy, other than squash

-His history major



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String Theory by David Foster Wallace –



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