In this episode, Squash Radio (SqR) sits down with Pat Cosquer, the newly appointed Coach of Hobart and William Smith Colleges Squash Program,

In this globalized world, the challenge to work in diverse social and cultural teams is inevitable. This challenge to embrace it goes out to squash teams and the squash community as a whole.

This episode talks about culture. We have Pat Cosquer, a coach who has multiple perspectives on culture and whatever scenarios he goes through. He will let listeners understand what it is like to work in a socially and culturally diverse team, also, the culture on the squash side. He will talk about his perception of team success and how he deals with stress with his team. He will also talk about his views on the following topics: what he envisions for the squash program and how to make change impactful, about being creative and giving more access and opportunities to squash courts and making it work with diversification.

Pat Cosquer is a passionate coach who makes things work in his team by developing a nurturing and assisting team culture with a healthy mix of student-athletes. He is the current head squash coach at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. He has a diverse background in mentoring, academic growth and development.

Listen to this episode as Pat and Conor open their minds on culture, diversity, and the squash community. Do not miss this episode!


Key Takeaways

-His dream of becoming an Olympic downhill ski racer

-Pat’s squash journey

-What culture a squash team must have to be successful for him

-How he aims to make his team successful

-Hidden opportunities for squash going digital

-What model of success for college squash teams work for him

-Coach Paul Assaiante as his mentor and what superpower he thinks Paul have

-What he thinks is a model in a different sport to emulate

– Pat’s take on dealing with physical and emotional stress ahead of a game.

– how Squash culture should change in regard to diversity and equity, particularly in light of the events of 2020.

-The give to get mentality for coaches

-What stress is and how to deal with it in a team for him

-What “controlling the controllable” means for him

-On how he can make the change on the squash culture impactful

-The purpose of the SCA program and how he can optimize its process

-On squash coaches to be creative and giving more access and opportunities to their courts

-His ways to include a healthy mix of student-athletes in his program

-What hurdles will prevent him from attaining his goals

-What he wants to do or change in all levels of squash

-Pat’s view of having a sustainable pipeline for squash recruitment

-What documentary he got hooked into

-What gets Pat fired up

-What actions he suggests to help solve injustices among young people

-Pat’s interest in understanding the human brain

-Books and podcasts he recommends

-On coaches teaching life lessons aside from playing squash



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The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery –



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