In this episode, Squash Radio (SqR) connects with Gilly Lane who has been at the peak of Squash in the United States for over 20 years.

We invited Gilly Lane to share his expertise in coaching and leading a team. He has travelled the world playing against the top squash players as a professional athlete. Gilly has been the Head Coach of the men’s Squash program at the University of Pennsylvania since 2016, and the head of the US Squash Academy since 2012.

In this episode, Gilly will talk about how he manages and leads the PENN Squash Team and his passion for teaching by experience. He will also share his story as a Team USA player and how his experiences helped him build his future and shaped his leadership style and views.

Learn his strategies in coaching and his views on leadership through this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • On the legacy of Dave Talbott in the college squash world
  • His memories of Dave Talbott
  • His goal of building a national championship team
  • The mistakes he made and how it shaped him and the team
  • Listening, self-reflection and open-mindedness as his secret to success
  • The importance of a support team to getting into national championships for him
  • Attributes he looks for in student-athletes to fit in the team culture
  • His thought process on positioning players through the lineup
  • On heeding to the advice of his father to chase after his dream
  • His experience of playing for the US Squash Team with Julian Illingworth and Christopher Gordon
  • On looking out for the US Squash Team and trying to build the future
  • Gilly talks about the Academy Program
  • On learning from his mistakes and pushing everyone to be better
  • His plan to conduct leadership training in organizations
  • What he loves and what he wants to change about squash in all levels
  • Documentary and movie he loves
  • What fires him up
  • Finding his happiness in cooking
  • He talks about doing impressions
  • A podcast and some books he recommends



Gilly Lane on LinkedIn –

Gilly Lane on Twitter –


Hoosiers starring Gene Hackman –

The Last Dance Documentary –



High Performance Podcast –



The Captain Class by Sam Walker –

Open by Andre Agassi –

Grit by Angela Duckworth –


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