What does Yankee Stadium, Pepsi Center in Denver and the University of Pennsylvania all have in Common? Well, it’s someone from the Squash community, Lee Witham! He is the CEO of ProSportLED as you might have heard, we recently announced they are our first ever Sponsor of Squash Radio!  We couldn’t be more excited to have another passionate Squash player who wants to help others share their stories.

Lee is someone I’ve known for almost 15 years now and he is widely respected for his depth of knowledge and passion for the sport and getting the results you want!  He has branched out from squash into many different businesses and today you learn more about him, his journey and how he approaches the world of lighting and squash.

ProSportLED is also a Sponsor of Squash Radio and we both aligned about the importance of sharing the stories of people involved in our Sport.  We cover a lot of ground on this episode and launch a new addition to our “Quick Fire” segment with a 90-second take on the major areas of the Sport.

We hope you enjoy our conversation!

This episode of Squash Radio sponsored by ProSportLED – the most advanced lighting technology for sports.

Music for Squash Radio by Bensound.

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