Alix Williams is a passionate squash player who came to the game a bit later than most. After Alix had her three children, her husband encouraged her to start a new hobby, and so Alix signed up for a beginner squash clinic at her club. Google helped her learn the rules, and within the first time on court she found herself addicted and a part of an amazing community of women players.

It’s clear from the conversation that Alix is a great ambassador at her club, and shares how much her coaches influenced her excitement and love for the game. She recognizes that not only has she found a lifelong sport but it has opened the door to new ventures, and allowed her to network and grow both her and her husbands businesses.

From watching PSA to learning the game, Alix was inspired to put pen to paper. Combining her writing, researching, and interviewing skills, along with contributions from her coach Ian, Alix is able to write and tell modern squash stories that she publishes on her website, The Show Court. She likes to refer to these stories as “Squash, Freshly Squeezed”, which is highly appropriate with her new perspective on the game.

We touch on how she chooses the topics and candidates in squash that she writes about. Something we know for sure from our chat is that she observes and tells her story with a raw perspective, and feels a rhythmic link between the process of writing and being on court, which really shows through in her stories.

We hope that you enjoy our latest conversation and don’t forget to check out Alix’s website at

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