Chanel Erasmus is a true squash fanatic, and a South African native who travelled to America to pursue her passion for the game.

Networking with other players helped bring awareness of the opportunities that were available across the pond. Playing squash in college was a first step in creating a career for Chanel. It was because of these relationships that she believes her life is where it is today. So Chanel continues to be an advocate on how important positive and continued connections within the sport can be.

A multi-sport athlete, Chanel has been a jack of all trades in the sports avenues. A strong competitor in everything she takes on, she played three different sports in college and managed to excel at her academics as well. After graduating, she was hired to coach at The Hill School, a top tier boarding school in Pottstown, PA. Now, not only is she the Director of Squash, but also the Donor Relations Officer.

When it comes to squash, it takes a high energy individual to play the game at a top level. Chanel’s enthusiasm goes ever-further, as she’s MC’ed events and continues to stay involved by running Junior events and helping at high level professional events such as the TOC. Learning more about Chanel’s acting background and love for theater, we can see how these roles compliment each other at both tournaments and the “stage court”.

Chanel wears so many hats in the community and is definitely making her mark in the squash world. We hope you enjoy learning more about this great player who is making it her mission to give back to the sport!

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