For some quick background on our guest in this episode, here’s a quick overview:

Hope Prockop is one of the most remarkable women involved in the Sport of Squash in the United States.

At her core, Hope is the ultimate competitor, and uses that drive to propel her through all avenues of the Sport. Now, what make Hope so remarkable? Hope has been involved in the sport in so many wide ranging ways.

As you’ll learn through our conversation, Hope was a Top Junior player who then went on be a Top ranked College player both in Team and Individual ranking while Attending Harvard.

After college, Hope continued to work on her game to be a part of Team USA, representing the red, white and blue at the World Team Championship and Pan-American Fed Cup.

Her focus and drive extended into Master’s level squash, winning the British Masters Open four times and placing Top 3 at the World Master Championships.

While Coaching for a while, Hope decided to explore another Avenue for the sport, which is so crucial and often neglected—being an official or referee. Just like in other sports, there are different levels, but in quick order Hope has risen to the highest level, sitting in the Hot Seat for World Team Championships, U.S. Open and College Nationals.

Hope is the ultimate blend of a being a cheerlead, superfan and competitor. When, she is not found on the squash court, Hope takes to the ice, court or field to serenade the Stadiums with the National Anthem—like she did at Fenway Park for the Boston Red Sox.

Hope is a dynamic person, who throws her energy into every situation, be it a one-on-one conversation, coaching, playing or helping others to do the same. Enjoy the conversation!

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