For some quick background on our guest in this episode, here’s a quick overview:

Lauren Patrizio Xaba is the Executive Director & Founder of SquashDrive, the Squash & Education Alliance program based out of Oakland, California. Lauren has been at the helm since 2009, leading the program to evolve & grow to increase their mission’s impact.

We cover a variety of topics from; what it’s like navigating their core student-programing during a pandemic, how Lauren positioned herself to start Squash Drive and where the program is looking to break new ground in the sport—literally.

After College, Lauren launched her career in Marketing working at companies like Comcast & JP Morgan Chase, before coming to a decision point on what to do next.  When these crossroads happen, like many others, Lauren reached back to her roots and decided to explore how squash could make an impact in people’s lives.

Today, Lauren and the SquashDrive Board of Directors are embracing innovative thinking to be the first SEA program to have outdoor courts! The outdoor concept started as “wouldn’t this be great to have” but during Covid times, the conversation gave new perspective to the need and urgency.

The growth of Outdoor squash has been a topic of discussion for many decades but only a handful of courts currently exist. There is a major growth opportunity in this area but we first need to connect the passion, people & resources for more projects to be successful.

Lauren has been on the West Coast for 15 years, but she is originally from Philadelphia and while attending University of Pennsylvania, she Captained the Squash Team.

It was a pleasure to have Lauren as a guest and we would love to hear from anyone who is looking to grow squash outdoors! We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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