Welcome to TBD #9!  In this episode Conor and Bill welcome on a very special guest, Rich Wade, who was one of the driving forces behind the new World Squash Officiating program.  Rich breaks down how the new online portal will work and gives his take on the state of refereeing in squash. Before that, we discuss our most memorable in person sports fan moments, along with the superstitions and rituals we abide by while watching our favorite teams.


Time Stamps for TBD Segments:

  • R&R Topic:  Gameday: Rituals & fan
  •  moments   [starts at 2:10 = 26 mins]
  • Breakdown w/ Rich Wade: Gameday: Officials in Squash and other sports [starts at 28:40 = 30 mins]
  • Fan Follow:  Bill’s Favorite segment…. for reals now [starts at 58:05 = 4.5 mins]


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