Welcome to TBD #28! Conor, PJ, Bill talk to the new Director of Squash at the Westchester Country Club,  Aidan Harrison, about his summer coaching in Barbados, the future of softball doubles, and  the upcoming US Open in Philadelphia!


In this episode

    • We have a guest on, Aidan Harrison, who you might remember from another interview on Squash Radio but he joins us to share some updates about his summer being the Barbados National Coach at the Commonwealth Games & Caribbean Junior Championships.
    • Aidan, at the Onwentsia Club in Chicago has established on the best Double programs in the Country….. And we talk about what the future of Doubles might look like….and maybe Softballs doubles will be seeing an uptick!
    • Then we go through the upcoming U.S. Open draws and give a preview of the action ahead….


  • Last, With the upcoming Nations Cup to be hosted in the New Zealand, this event is a going to be testing out some new formats, so we thrash around some other new ideas …. With a moment of True inspiration from Bill…. and a interesting twist on the Buckingham Cup….proving a broken clock is right twice a day


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