Welcome back to another TBD episode with your three favorite hosts, Conor, Bill and PJ! This week the guys are joined by John Flanigan and Yoni Ellous from The University Club to discuss all things Windy City Open in Chicago.


The guys start off by doing their best to pronounce Yoni’s last name, and then get into the topic at hand. John talks about the behind the scenes work of getting the courts up and running (including the use of sledgehammers), and how they decide on the structure. They talk about experiences in Chicago in the winter vs. summer (Chicago isn’t always freezing!?), and their excitement for this specific tournament.


John and Yoni go into more details about The University Club, and how fan engagement can vary from club to club. The common consensus amongst everyone is the rowdier the fan base, the better, so bring your pom poms! PJ asks about certain fashion choices, and the guys dive into a discussion about winner’s jackets. The significant prize money from this tournament is brought into the conversation. They end the episode with a chat about who they’re excited to see compete.


Tune in for the highest order of squash at the Windy City Open! Who are you excited to see out on the courts?!

Link https://windycityopen.ussquash.com/  Feb. 23 – Mar. 2


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