This week on The Breakdown, Conor, Bill and PJ start the episode off by checking in with each other and touch base on what they’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks, from PJ arriving back in the states, to golf games, to Bill’s love of Gerry Gibson.


This episode mostly focuses on two main topics: the guys’ top three favorite sports movies of all time, and the Olympics. Of course squash comes up in relation to the Olympics, which leads to an interesting discussion about opinions on why squash should/shouldn’t be a part of it, and how it could be possible.


Conor starts off the favorite sports movies conversation (as a note – some movie spoilers throughout the movie ranking section of this episode!) with a mention of Moneyball, which sparks an in depth dialogue about the film. He mentions a couple other favorites, and next up is PJ, and then onto Bill. The whole Rocky series is a common thread among the three, but each one has a different preference (can you guess?!).


The Olympics seems to be the hot topic right now, with the summer 2021 games just coming to a close, and the guys go over what they watched, what they didn’t watch, and why they aren’t tuning in as much these days. Naturally among three squash fans, the topic of squash in the Olympics comes up, and the discussion leads to how the game could be adjusted to make it more plausible for the Olympic games. Different balls? Change the court? Tin height adjustment? Should we even be trying to get squash into the Olympics?


Tune in for in depth movie critiques, opinions on the Olympics, squash as a sport, and more! How do your opinions compare? Reach out and let us know!


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