Hey Squash Radio Fans!

So, if you’ve been listening to this channel for a while now, you’ve probably picked up we have a vision to help share the great stories from the world of Squash that might not otherwise be told.

Well, today is another HUGE step on that journey!


We are thrilled to be launching a new collaboration, a new series called WE ARE RADIO SQUASH.


This concept was created with a great friend of Squash Radio, James Dodson (click here for old interview) listen to our full interview on the podcast a few years ago for the deep dive. But, the quick version is James and I teamed up back in the early 2000’s with a group of other passionate Squash players to help create Metro Squash, in Chicago.


James continues to be deeply involved in MetroSquash but also has been instrumental in creating a similar version in Phoenix with Arizona Squash.


James professional roots have been in media and trying to help young students share their voices hear and their stories told.  So, this new project together is a continuation of our passions to help make a difference.


Take a listen to James and me, sharing a short conversation about how this concept came to be.