#11: Building Squash with Southern Hospitality

Squash Radio explores squash in the South & teamed up with Richard Millman who recorded stories from Atlanta, Louisville and his new hometown in Chattanooga to share these great stories.

The theme of this episode is building Squash.  We share snapshots of these communities where you will hear from a cast of characters all from different walks of life, different background even with different “jobs & roles” but all have shared passion for the sport squash.  Each segment will show squash at different stages from; how a squash club got built to reinvigorating a squash program with a new squash professional, to how squash could help grow your business and of course the deep impact it can have on your health.

Many thanks to all those who helped make this episode possible but a special thanks to Richard Millman for his tireless work, recording and partnership on this episode.  Contributors; Scott Monen, Taylor Monen, Mike Monen, Jay Hatcher, Aaron Myerson, Dr. Gary Myerson, Keith Clemens, Lee Scott, Reuben Phillips, David Andes, Tom Rumpler,  Scenic City Squash, Louisville Boat Club, Windy Hill Athletic Club, Midtown Athletic Club Atlanta & of course, the always welcoming Squash Community!

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#6 On the Road: Richard Millman shares the history, developments and the bright future of the Piedmont Driving Club in Atlanta by going behind the scene during the Piedmont Driving Club (PDC) Invitational Tournament.

Squash Radio is thrilled to be teaming up with Richard Millman to bring our audience stories from “On the Road.”   With this new opportunity, we are exploring new ways to bring these stories to life by trying to weave the story through multiple perspectives.  We hope you enjoy our first segment!

‘from little acorns……’ The Piedmont Driving Club is an exalted institution of the old South. It occupies a stately position in mid-town Atlanta with its second, Golf club location in the South of Atlanta.

For many years only members were ever allowed to grace its hallowed halls until one of its number, on falling in love with Squash during his undergraduate days at Penn, persuaded the club and its members to reach out. This initiative from Eben Hardy and the PDC’s board’s willingness to embrace it, flowered into what has become competitive Squash in the South.

Squash Radio reports from this year’s PDC invitational and opens a window to this wonderful and continuing story……..