#12: Raising Arizona Squash; James Dodson, Squash Dad, former Chicagoan, now a Phoenician, always playing, building

Paulette, Julius & James Dodson

In this episode we connect with James Dodson who launched his publishing career covering youth and poverty issues for Youth Communication and the RFK Memorial where he picked up the game.  He’s devoted to using squash to enrich the lives of young people.  And, in his new residence of Phoenix founded Arizona Squash, Inc.  He’s partnered with Empower College Prep, Grand Canyon University and the Family Life Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church to support a largely multi-ethnic under-served community in the city’s West Valley.

James is no stranger as to what it takes to build a successful squash program, he is a Founding Board Member and Past Board Chair of Chicago’s MetroSquash.  In 2005 MetroSquash was the first National Urban Squash initiative founded outside of the East Coast.  In 2015, MetroSquash raised $8 million and opened its primary squash and academic center near the campus of the University of Chicago to serve the program’s students.

This month Arizona Squash launched programming with its first class of students while undergoing a fundraising campaign to convert squash courts and recruit a full-time Executive Director.  To learn more visit, http://www.arizonasquash.org/.

Click on video to hear James Dodson pitching at SEED Spot

#11: Building Squash with Southern Hospitality

Squash Radio explores squash in the South & teamed up with Richard Millman who recorded stories from Atlanta, Louisville and his new hometown in Chattanooga to share these great stories.

The theme of this episode is building Squash.  We share snapshots of these communities where you will hear from a cast of characters all from different walks of life, different background even with different “jobs & roles” but all have shared passion for the sport squash.  Each segment will show squash at different stages from; how a squash club got built to reinvigorating a squash program with a new squash professional, to how squash could help grow your business and of course the deep impact it can have on your health.

Many thanks to all those who helped make this episode possible but a special thanks to Richard Millman for his tireless work, recording and partnership on this episode.  Contributors; Scott Monen, Taylor Monen, Mike Monen, Jay Hatcher, Aaron Myerson, Dr. Gary Myerson, Keith Clemens, Lee Scott, Reuben Phillips, David Andes, Tom Rumpler,  Scenic City Squash, Louisville Boat Club, Windy Hill Athletic Club, Midtown Athletic Club Atlanta & of course, the always welcoming Squash Community!

We are always looking for new stories and love your help!  Squash Radio has already shared some audience stories but we are always looking for more.  Reach out to us on any social media app or email squashradio@gmail.com.  As always, thanks for listening!

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#7 Extended: Author, Journalist, Master of Ceremonies & Coach…Alan Thatcher knows all levels of the Sport & shares it all!

In this episode, we connect with Alan Thatcher, who has been helping to grow the Sport of Squash at all levels from the Professional Tour down to the grassroots.  Several years ago he launched www.squashmad.com which is a
fantastic sources for news, articles, activities on how to the grow the sport but most recently he released a book he co-authored with Rod Gilmour called “Jahangir Khan 555: The Untold Story Behind Squash’s Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run.”

In our conversation, we cover a range of topics from a behind the scenes look at writing his most recent book as well as his role with the Canary Wharf Professional Squash Tournament.  But also get into the weeds about his grass roots efforts of growing the sport and some key factors that could truly help sharing the sport we all love.  We both thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too!

Alan Thatcher
555: The untold story of Jahangir Khan The inside story of an amazing unbeaten run in squash:
Published by Pitch and available on Amazon and Kindle.

PSA World Tour $10k event at The Mote Squash Club, Maidstone, Kent from June 11-18.

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Chairman, The Mote Squash Club

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#5 Extended: Former Stanford Coach, Richard Elliott, with over 30yrs of Coaching experience shares his wealth of knowledge on squash & life as he embarks on a new venture!

In this episode, we talk with Richard Elliott, who was the former Coach at Stanford University who’s women squash program has developed into a National Top 10 ranked program but Richard was there from the beginning when it all started.  Richard has been instrumental in the growth of squash on the West Coast, he shares his experiences and perspective on the growth of squash at the Junior and College level.  Although we dive in deep about coaching, so many of these philosophy’s and principles apply towards life in general.

Based on the current feedback, more of our listeners are leaning towards the extended version which is why we’ve only released one version of this episode.  If you have a different opinion, please let us know via email squashradio@gmail.com.  As always, thanks for listening!