#8: Curious about College Squash & Ivy League recruiting? Jack Wyant (Penn Head Squash Coach) shares his insights & more!

In this episode, we talk shop with Jack Wyant who is the Head Coach of the  Women’s Squash Team and Director of Squash at the University of Pennsylvania.  Wyant recently wrapped up his 13th season coaching at Penn Athletics and led his Team to back-to-back 2nd place finishes at the Collegiate Championships.

Jack is an experienced player himself, competing at the highest level in the Junior & College (Princeton University grad) ranks racking up National Championships at both levels.  Wyant has also played for Team USA on Junior and Senior Teams but as a Coach led the U.S. Junior Girls to historic heights, earning a 2nd place finish at the 2011 World Junior Team Championships.

In our conversation, we focus on College Squash, talking through the recent milestone announcement to officially dissolve the current separate men’s and women’s associations and form a newly merged organization in partnership with US SQUASH but also spend a lot of time learning more about Penn Athletics and his squash program.  We both thoroughly enjoyed bringing you this episode and look forward to having Jack on again as a future guest.  Enjoy!

Based on the current feedback, more of our listeners are leaning towards the extended version which is why we’ve only released one version of this episode.  If you have a different opinion, please let us know via email squashradio@gmail.com.  As always, thanks for listening!

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Drexel’s Athletic Director, Dr. Eric Zillmer shares building a National Ranked (Top 5) college squash program, how Squash fits into the NCAA & more….

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best stories from Squash World.  Today we sit down with Dr. Eric Zillmer who is the Director of Athletics and Carl R. Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Zillmer has been a transformational force behind Drexel Athletics.  As just a small example of their success, their Squash program which launched in 2011 around the 30/40’s rankings in the 2017 season cracked the Top 5 in the Country, defeating Teams like Yale, University of Pennsylvania & Princeton.

Website: for more blogs posts & books written by Dr. Zillmer click on his website, including the behind the scenes access of Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.   http://www.ericzillmer.com/

Videos of Dr. Eric Zillmer: