#15 Wendy Lawrence; making sense of GWU, Brown & Stanford dropping Varsity Squash.

For a quick background on our guest in this episode, here’s an overview.

We connect with Wendy Lawrence, who recently retired as the Division 1, Head Men’s & Women’s Squash Coach of George Washington University.


While Wendy is originally from New York City, she has made Washington, DC her home for over 40 years and her efforts have helped put DC on the Squash Map.





Wendy distinguished herself amongst her peers with several leadership & sportsmanship awards but also developed the GWU Team as one of the college’s most successful Programs from a rankings perspective.

One of the main impetus behind connecting with Wendy, was getting her thoughts on the announcement that has sent shockwaves through the Squash community with Top tier Colleges removing their squash programs from Varsity status, those schools include,  Brown, Stanford & George Washington.

Wendy has a unique perspective on these developments, as during her tenure, she was part of the Leadership Team that guided the College Squash Association through some big changes.

Off the court, Wendy is someone I’ve always personally turned to for advice or perspective and it is a pleasure to collaborate with her on any project.

We were honored to have Wendy as a guest, and we hope you enjoy our conversation.

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Drexel’s Athletic Director, Dr. Eric Zillmer shares building a National Ranked (Top 5) college squash program, how Squash fits into the NCAA & more….

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best stories from Squash World.  Today we sit down with Dr. Eric Zillmer who is the Director of Athletics and Carl R. Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Zillmer has been a transformational force behind Drexel Athletics.  As just a small example of their success, their Squash program which launched in 2011 around the 30/40’s rankings in the 2017 season cracked the Top 5 in the Country, defeating Teams like Yale, University of Pennsylvania & Princeton.

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