#11: Building Squash with Southern Hospitality

Squash Radio explores squash in the South & teamed up with Richard Millman who recorded stories from Atlanta, Louisville and his new hometown in Chattanooga to share these great stories.

The theme of this episode is building Squash.  We share snapshots of these communities where you will hear from a cast of characters all from different walks of life, different background even with different “jobs & roles” but all have shared passion for the sport squash.  Each segment will show squash at different stages from; how a squash club got built to reinvigorating a squash program with a new squash professional, to how squash could help grow your business and of course the deep impact it can have on your health.

Many thanks to all those who helped make this episode possible but a special thanks to Richard Millman for his tireless work, recording and partnership on this episode.  Contributors; Scott Monen, Taylor Monen, Mike Monen, Jay Hatcher, Aaron Myerson, Dr. Gary Myerson, Keith Clemens, Lee Scott, Reuben Phillips, David Andes, Tom Rumpler,  Scenic City Squash, Louisville Boat Club, Windy Hill Athletic Club, Midtown Athletic Club Atlanta & of course, the always welcoming Squash Community!

We are always looking for new stories and love your help!  Squash Radio has already shared some audience stories but we are always looking for more.  Reach out to us on any social media app or email squashradio@gmail.com.  As always, thanks for listening!

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#7 Extended: Author, Journalist, Master of Ceremonies & Coach…Alan Thatcher knows all levels of the Sport & shares it all!

In this episode, we connect with Alan Thatcher, who has been helping to grow the Sport of Squash at all levels from the Professional Tour down to the grassroots.  Several years ago he launched www.squashmad.com which is a
fantastic sources for news, articles, activities on how to the grow the sport but most recently he released a book he co-authored with Rod Gilmour called “Jahangir Khan 555: The Untold Story Behind Squash’s Invincible Champion and Sport’s Greatest Unbeaten Run.”

In our conversation, we cover a range of topics from a behind the scenes look at writing his most recent book as well as his role with the Canary Wharf Professional Squash Tournament.  But also get into the weeds about his grass roots efforts of growing the sport and some key factors that could truly help sharing the sport we all love.  We both thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too!

Alan Thatcher
555: The untold story of Jahangir Khan The inside story of an amazing unbeaten run in squash:
Published by Pitch and available on Amazon and Kindle.

PSA World Tour $10k event at The Mote Squash Club, Maidstone, Kent from June 11-18.

Editor and Publisher:


Chairman, The Mote Squash Club

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#4 Quick Hit: Newly crowned S.L. Green Champion, Chris Hanson, from concussion to Champion

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best
stories from Squash World.  In this new segment we call ‘quick hits’ we grabbed Dartmouth grad ’13, Chris Hanson who hails from the NY/CT area after his new milestone accomplishment of becoming U.S. National Champion.

Chris shares his journey from suffering a concussion in a car accident (among other accidents) to getting back on track through the help of his coach, Rod Martin former World #2, to achieve a life long dream.


Drexel’s Athletic Director, Dr. Eric Zillmer shares building a National Ranked (Top 5) college squash program, how Squash fits into the NCAA & more….

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best stories from Squash World.  Today we sit down with Dr. Eric Zillmer who is the Director of Athletics and Carl R. Pacifico Professor of Neuropsychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Zillmer has been a transformational force behind Drexel Athletics.  As just a small example of their success, their Squash program which launched in 2011 around the 30/40’s rankings in the 2017 season cracked the Top 5 in the Country, defeating Teams like Yale, University of Pennsylvania & Princeton.

Website: for more blogs posts & books written by Dr. Zillmer click on his website, including the behind the scenes access of Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.   http://www.ericzillmer.com/

Videos of Dr. Eric Zillmer:


John Flanigan: “Top 50 most influential Squash person” Univeristy Club of Chicago & the Windy City Open

(see below for extended interview)

John Flanigan – Athletic Director & WCO Tournament Director

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best stories from Squash World.  Today we sit down with John Flanigan who is the Athletic Director (AD) at the University Club of Chicago and Tournament Director of the Guggenheim Partners Windy City Open which is one of eight Majors on the Global Professional Squash Tour (PSA.)

Beyond being the AD at the University Club he is also part of the Senior Leadership team to oversee the strategic direction for the Club as well as being named to the 2015 Squash Magazine ‘Top 50’ most influential people in the sport of Squash in the United States.

2016 Champions picture @ Windy City Open

FEBRUARY 23 – MARCH 1, 2017
If you have never seen professional squash and are in the Chicago area… you should definitely check out the Guggenheim Partners Windy City Open Presented by Equi Trust Life Insurance and see some of the best athletes in the world.    Can’t be there in person? No problem, there are lots of ways to follow the action;



Christopher Gordon: New York native, Veteran Team USA Player, U.S. National Champion, Top 50 PSA ranked

Squash Radio is bringing the ‘inside’ of squash to life by serving up the best stories from Squash World.  Today we sit down with Christopher Gordon, a New York City native, and talk about his career on the Professional Squash Tour (PSA) to share his experiences as a Top 50 ranked tour player. Gordon has distinguished himself as one of the most decorated Team USA members for squash, with five World Team Championships, three Pan-Am Games, two World Games Championships, two World Junior Championships & a handful of Pan-Am Fed Cup Championships.  In addition, 2013 marked the end of the Julian Illingworth’s eight year winning streak when Gordon raised the trophy for himself to become the U.S. Champion.

Beyond his amazing on court performances & results, Christopher has been a tremendous ambassador for the sport of Squash.  He has done countless exhibitions all across the U.S. & World, has been a commentator for PSA Squash TV & emceed the Delaware Investments U.S. Open.